Carex Toilet Seat Elevator With Handles, For Standard Toilet Seats (B317-00)
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Carex Toilet Seat Elevator With Handles, For Standard Toilet Seats (B317-00)


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Product Description

Carex Toilet Seat Elevator With Handles, For Standard Toilet Seats.

The Round Toilet Seat Elevator assists users with bending or sitting difficulties by adding 3.5 inches to the height of the toilet seat. This raised toilet seat works in conjunction with your existing toilet seat and lid for added comfort and a less clinical look. The toilet assist riser includes padded handles for added stability and support. Fits most standard round toilets.

  • Adds 3.5" of height to the toilet seat. Traditional toilet seats for elderly persons typically don't work. This toilet seat riser is perfect for any elderly person that struggles to sit or stand. It adds safety and convenience to the bathroom.
  • Installs under the existing toilet seat. No tools are required to install the toilet seat riser. It comes with everything needed to install and remove from the toilet.
  • Sturdy handles provide extra support. The toilet elevator comes with removable padded handles for a secure grip and added safety. These handles add more security when sitting and standing.
  • Lightweight and durable. This toilet aid has been engineered with heavy-duty, lightweight and easy to clean molded plastic. Combine this with its easy to install functionality and you've got the perfect portable toilet seat riser. Its 250 lbs weight capacity ensures it can take continuous and long term use.

Technical Specification:

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Height: 3.5"
Locking: No
Hinged: No
Arms: Yes
Package Dims (h x w x d): 19.5" x 14.63" x 8.31"
Package Weight: 4.6 lbs.
Product Dims (h x w x d): 3.5" x 17.32" x 13.5"
Product Weight: 3.6 lbs.