Grafco 500 Watt Dry Heat Sterilizer with 2 Trays (8375)
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Grafco 500 Watt Dry Heat Sterilizer with 2 Trays (8375)


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500 Watt With 2 Trays, Stainless Steel.

The improved technique for dry heat sterilization in the shortest possible time. Sterilizes instruments, needles syringes, dressings at 320 - 360° F (160 - 180° C). Sharp instruments remain sharp; no steam or moisture to corrode the finest edge. Exclusive internal-wall tubular heating system is burn-out proof. 115V AC. UL/CSA listed.

*The Best Method for Sharp Instruments
Dry Heat Sterilizer kills bacteria without moisture and will not dull sharp instruments. Plus, they can be used to dry wet packs or as a back-up sterilizer in your practice - the perfect complelement to an autoclave.

Unlike wet heat methods, Dry Heat Sterilizers require no routine cleaning.

*Safe - Simple to Operate
Dry heat sterilization works without pressure, steam, or chemicals, which increases safety.

Utility trays can be sterilized with lids on and stored without contamination. Also, they have automatic timers with heat "hold" capability for continuous use in a busy practice.

Stainless steel construction means no rust.

SPORE TEST STRIPS The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend the sterilizer be tested weekly. For Dry Heat Sterilizers, use Bacillus Atrophaeus spore test strips.

One (1) year warranty on Sterlizer.

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