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Adhesive Remover Wipes- Dissolves and removes adhesive and skin barrier residue from the skin.

Appliance Cleaners - Removes fecal and urinary matter from pouches and night drainage bags and help deodorize the pouch.

Stoma Paste - Helps make skin level around a stoma, making pouches easier to seal. Stoma paste also enhances adhesives on flanges and pouches.

Stoma Adhesive Powder - Used to protect irritated or broken skin around the stoma. They absorb moisture and exudates prior to attaching a skin barrier and are used on skin around irritated or raw stomas.

Barrier Cream/Wipes - Barrier cream helps protect skin from tape damage and irritation from frequently applying and removing wafers and adhesives. Barrier cream makes it easier to remove pouches or flanges and protect skin for adhesives, ensuring more secure fits.

Stoma Caps - A stoma cap is designed for people who regulate their colostomy discharge with irrigation. Stoma caps are placed over stomas for minimum protection, such as during bathing or swimming, used in placed of pouches, stoma caps hold a minimal amount of content.