3M Avagard Nail Cleaners (9204)
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3M Avagard Nail Cleaners (9204)


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Product Description

3M Avagard™ Nail Cleaners.

  • White.
  • Easy to use.
  • 9204 Avagard Nail Cleaners are designed to clean under nails prior to first surgical application of the day or when nails are visibly soiled.

Avagard hand antiseptic product has obtained FDA NDA approval, which includes a complete review by FDA of all safety and efficacy data. Other products in this category marketed under the Tentative Final Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drugs (TFM), may only claim compliance to the TFM and are not subject to FDA data review to assure product safety and efficacy prior to sale.

  • Scrubless, brushless, waterless.
  • In human testing, surpasses FDA criteria for surgical scrub formulations at all measured time points.
  • Compatible with latex and non-latex gloves. Latex gloves tested: Triflex, Encore. Non-latex gloves tested: Tactylon, Duraprene, Biogel.
  • Proven safe and effective for daily use.
  • Advanced, emollient-rich lotion base helps prevent dry, cracked hands, and maintains skin barrier integrity.
  • Reduces material waste of water, sterile towels and scrub brushes.