Bard BARDEX LUBRICATH Carson 2-Way Foley Catheter, 20Fr, 30cc (0100L20)

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Product Description

Bard Foley Catheters, LUBRICATH®, 2-Way, Specialty, Carson Model, Medium Coude Tip, Single Drainage Eye, Balloon 30cc, 20FR.

2-Way Standard Specialty Foley Catheters

A specialty Foley catheter is determined by the tip configuration, number of lumens or channels, and the size of the balloon. Specialty Foley catheters may have tip types such as Councill, Coude, Olive, Couvelaire, or Whistle and are typically used for surgical procedures.

Bard 2-Way Standard Specialty Foley Catheters

30cc LUBRICATH® Foley Catheter - Used post-TURP hemostasis, this model reduces the potential for irritation caused by the catheter tip rubbing the roof of the bladder. A shorter tip causes less "tenting" of the bladder roof. (0118L)

30cc LUBRICATH® Foley Catheter - (Red Latex) - Used for post-TURP hemostasis. Red latex offers additional stiffness that aids insertion and adds radiopacity. A medium tip prevents the balloon from pulling up and occluding the eyes under traction. (0123RL)

75cc LUBRICATH® Foley Catheter - Used for post-TURP hemostasis, the balloon keeps the tip well above any chips or debris. The longer profile balloon concentrates force delivered over a smaller area, offering very focused pressure delivery. (012375)

SILASTIC® Brand Catheters - Smooth, non-stick silicone exterior coating reduces calcification build-up. Firm, but flexible, latex-based construction with large drainage lumen. (336xx & 334xx )

General 2-Way Standard Specialty Foley Catheters

Tiemann - Coude-tipped catheters are used to navigate the male urethra, particularly when a stricture is present. The Olive coude of this model features a slightly larger bulb at the tip to assist in negotiation of restrictions. Red latex offers additional stiffness that aids insertion and adds radiopacity. The 5cc balloon provides excellent seating in the bladder to minimize leakage and irritation to the trigone. (0102L- 5cc), (0103L-30cc)

Carson - Used to navigate the male urethra, particularly when a stricture or BPH is present. Some urologists find the coude tip useful in navigating the neck of the bladder in female patients, allowing easier insertion and reduced irritation. Balloon is round and short to provide excellent seating in the bladder to minimize leakage and irritation to the trigone. (0168L)

Commonly used for post-TURP hemostasis. Used to navigate the male urethra, particularly when a stricture of BPH is present. Assists in navigation of restrictions. Ribbed balloon delivers pressure for hemostasis via traction. (0100L)

Female Length - At 8 inches in length, this product is designed specifically for female patients. Most often used for general drainage, urologists also place catheters in women after suspensions or urethral repairs to maintain post-surgical patency. For female chronic catheter users, this shorter product is ideal. Excess length may result in irritation to the meatus due to movement, and difficulty in hiding the excess length without multiple loops or kinks. This shorter product is a significant help in maintaining dignity. (0169L)

Councill - Most often used to treat acute retention in emergency situations. The unique feature is the reinforced hole at the tip of the catheter. The tip is designed to accommodate the standard Councill tip stylet (#000437). Once dilated, the stricture or prostate often will not stay open, continuing to restrict or stop flow. A Councill Foley catheter solves this problem until a surgical intervention can be performed. (0196L)

Ovoid-Fluted - Generally used for post-TURP hemostasis. Useful when large gland is resected via electrosurgical procedure. Inflated in the bladder, the balloon creates pressure (via traction) on the surgical site to affect hemostasis. Larger balloon options available for difficult cases. (0113L)

Emmett - Used for post-TURP hemostasis, the long length tip with three staggered eyes maximizes drainage and reduces the potential for total occlusion of the eyes by bladder tissue, clots, or post surgical debris. The round 30cc ribbed balloon delivers excellent pressure via traction to affect hemostasis. A long tip helps prevent the balloon from pulling up and occluding the eyes under traction. (0136L)

Ainsworth - Used for post-TURP hemostasis, this catheter has a short whistle tip design which is very useful for removal of clots and debris. The whistle tip can be cleared (irrigated) easily because it is approximately the same diameter as the drainage lumen of the catheter. The 30cc ribbed balloon is round to provide an excellent surface to deliver pressure under traction for hemostasis and to minimize displacement around the tip caused by traction. (0149RL)

Wheeler - Used for post-TURP hemostasis. The large eye covers about 50% of the circumference of the catheter allowing for easy removal of clots or debris associated with TURP. Unlike whistle tip catheters, this tip accommodates a stylet for insertion. As flow capacity is a function of the size of the eyes in any catheter, this product maximizes flow capability with the extra large eye. (0198L)

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