Bard Blakemore 3-Lumen, Child Esophageal Tube, 12Fr (0092110)
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Bard Blakemore 3-Lumen, Child Esophageal Tube, 12Fr (0092110)


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Product Description

Bard Tubes, Specialty, Blakemore, Child, 6in and 1in Balloons, 12FR.

Specialty Tubes

Specialty tubes are used for a number of gastro-intestinal tract applications.

Blakemore/Sengstaken Tube

Designed for emergency control of bleeding esophageal varices and as a diagnostic aid in determining the source and/or extent of hemorrhage into the stomach. Introduced orally or through nasal passage. Single-use, non-sterile.

Baker Jejunostomy Catheter

Aids in the prevention and treatment of intestinal obstruction due to adhesions. Double-lumen design allows for balloon inflation through one lumen and reliable decompression through two eyes located distal to the balloon. Translucent plastic tube permits unobstructed view of contents. Single-use, sterile.

Linton Tube

Designed for the control of bleeding esophageal varices. Triple-lumen design permits suctioning of esophageal fluids above balloon and gastric fluids below the balloon to quickly determine origin of bleeding. Large 700-800cc latex balloon provides rapid hemorrhage control. Single-use, non-sterile.

Minnesota Tube

Four-lumen, double-balloon design used in the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices or simple esophageal hemorrhaging. Elongated esophageal balloon helps control bleeding. Third and fourth lumens facilitate suctioning above the esophageal balloon and in the stomach. Single-use, non-sterile.

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