Becton Dickinson BD Nokor Admix Noncoring Needle 16 G x 1" (305216)
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Becton Dickinson BD Nokor Admix Noncoring Needle 16 G x 1" (305216)


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Product Description

Becton Dickinson BD Nokor™ Admix Noncoring Needle 16 G x 1".

Key Product Features

Hub Color: Pink
Hub Material: Polypropylene
Hub Type: Luer
Needle Gauge: 16 G
Needle Gauge (m): 1.60 mm
Needle Length (in.): 1 in.
Needle Length (m): 25.40 mm
Needle Tip Type: BD Nokor™
Needle Type: Fill
Needle Wall Type: Thin wall
Total Shelf Life: 1825
Sterile: Sterilized product
Type Of Bevel: BD Nokor™
Sterilization Method: Radiation
BPA Free: Not made with BPA
DEHP Free: Not made with DEHP
Latex Statement: Not made with natural rubber latex
PVC Free: Not made with PVC
Disposable: Disposable product
Single Use: Product is for single use only

BD Nokor™ filter and admix needles

BD filter needles feature a molded-in 5-micron filter membrane that reduces larger particles during fluid aspiration, reconstitution or transfer, and during medication withdraw from glass reservoirs.1

  • The Nokor point
    The vented point design features a cannula side port for you to place fluid on the container side wall during reconstitution, helping reduce foaming or spray.
  • Reduced internal pressure
    Vented needles with a side port reduce internal container pressure.
  1. Buchanan, EC, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Principles of Sterile Product Preparation. Bethesda, MD: ASHP; 1995.