Coloplast Conveen Security+ Drainage Bag, Non-adjustable, Sterile, (21356)
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Coloplast Conveen Security+ Drainage Bag, Non-adjustable, Sterile, (21356)


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Product Description

Coloplast Conveen® Security+ Drainage Bag (formerly Moveen®).

  • Sterile
  • 2 liters
  • Non-adjustable 52" tubing, slide closure

Large volume (2 liters) bedside drainage bag. Nonsterile package includes 30 bags and tubes and 3 hangers. Sterile package includes 10 bags and 2 hangers.

Not made with natural rubber latex and is DEHP and phthalate free.

Conveen® Basic bedside drainage bag

Secure and reliable urinary collection bag with anti-kink tubing to prevent accidental leakage. Large capacity enables the user to feel secure all night. Free of PVC and phthalates.

  • Choice of 2-step outlet or lever tap
  • 2-step outlet tap prevents the risk of urine drips.
  • Lever tap is easy to operate
  • 2 liter volume
  • Anti-kink tube reduces risk of backflow and prevents accidental leakage
  • Free of PVC and phthalates*
  • Optional needle free sample port to reduce the risk of needle injury

*Excluding the Conveen Security+ bedside drainage bag, hospital model.