Coloplast Conveen Security+ Leg Bag, (21027)
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Coloplast Conveen Security+ Leg Bag, (21027)


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Product Description

Coloplast Conveen® Security+ Leg Bag, 34 oz. (1000 mL).

  • 20" adjustable tubing, clamp closure, flocked backing, 1" leg bag straps
  • Non-sterile

Secure and reliable urine collection bag with anti-kink tubing designed to prevent accidental leakage.

Not made with natural rubber latex and is DEHP and phthalate free.

Conveen® Security+ leg bag with clamp outlet

Secure and reliable urine collection bag with anti-kink tubing to prevent accidental leakage. Free of PVC and phthalates.

  • Choice of clamp or lever tap
  • Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
  • Lever tap is easy to operate
  • Soft, flocked backing increases comfort when worn on skin.
  • Anti-kink tubing reduces risk of backflow and prevents accidental leakage
  • Free of PVC and phthalates
  • Extended outlet tube prevents contact with urine when emptying
  • Discreet and modern design
  • Color scheme for less visibility under clothing

Key benefits:

Conveen® Security+ leg bags features anti-kink tubing that reduces the risk of backflow.

  • The custom designed clamp outlet is easy to operate, and it’s also easy to verify that it’s closed properly.
  • The soft backing makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The chambered design reduces swishing when moving about.
  • The discreet design and color scheme reduces the bag’s visibility under clothing.