Cure Male Pocket Catheter Straight Tip 14Fr, 16" (M14U)
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Cure Male Pocket Catheter Straight Tip 14Fr, 16" (M14U)


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Cure Medical Male Pocket Catheter Straight Tip 14Fr, 16".

Cure Medical® Pocket Catheter

The popular, U-shaped CURE MEDICAL® POCKET CATHETER for men is an ideal choice for individuals who value the convenience and discretion of carrying a catheter in a pant pocket or small bag.

The sterile, single use, U-shaped Cure Medical Pocket Catheter is not made with DEHP/DINP*, BPA or Natural Rubber Latex. It offers men discreet portability by easily fitting in most pant pockets.

The Cure Medical Pocket Catheter is made with polished eyelets on a straight tip and funnel end in a standard (16") and an extra long (25in) length. A coude tip version is also available with lubricant.

The Cure Medical Pocket Catheter is offered as a:

  • single (U);
  • single with lubricant (UL);
  • coude with lubricant (ULC);
  • extra long (XL) with lubricant and gripper sleeve; and
  • in a kit (UK) configuration.


  • Smooth polished eyelets provide increased comfort.
  • A packet of water soluble lubricant is included to aide in comfortable insertion.
  • Large flaps on the pouch enable a better grip for easy opening with minimal effort.
  • High quality materials – not made with DEHP/DINP*, BPA, or natural rubber latex offer peace of mind.
    Read more about the concerns on DEHP here.
  • Available Sizes: 12FR, 14FR, 16FR
  • When you use Cure catheters, you are supporting research in pursuit of a cure for SCI and CNS/D – that’s possibly the best benefit of all!