Dale ACE Connector Enteral Feeding Connector with ENFit Technology (485)
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Dale ACE Connector Enteral Feeding Connector with ENFit Technology (485)


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Product Description

Dale ACE Connector® Enteral Feeding Connector with ENFit™ Technology, One Size Fits All.

  • New auto seal syringe medication port: Utilizes new 80369-3 compatible med port technology, while incorporating our split septum syringe seal technology from our time-tested original ace connector.
  • New ENFit compliant distal (female port) and proximal (male port) will connect to all 80369-3 compliant enteral tubes including PEG/PEJ, balloon replacement peg, most GJ tubes, small bore feeding, and feeding administration sets and ENFit™ compliant syringes.
  • New purple color to coincide with most other ENfit enteral products in the market today.
  • New integrated crossbar molded into the handle to prevent erroneous mis-insertions of ENFit syringes into the handle top in low light hospital environments.
  • Slightly smaller footprint than the original ACE but ergonomically appealing to clinicians.
  • In-line feeding, irrigation, gastric residuals and medication delivery without the need to disconnect.
  • A simple on/off handle.