KCI KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing 4" x 9" (PRD500-120)
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KCI KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing 4" x 9" (PRD500-120)


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Product Description

KerraMax Care® Super Absorbent Dressing, 4" x 9".

KerraMax Care® Super Absorbent Dressing is designed to absorb and retain large amounts of exudates to minimize discomfort and dressing changes. Its wicking layer allows for increased absorption while staying dry to the touch to keep moisture away from healthy skin. KerraMax Care®’s unique consistent wicking action absorbs potentially unhealthy exudates and locks it inside the dressing, so it doesn’t leak or drip. The extra absorption capacity reduces dressing changes with less wound disturbance and improves patient comfort, as the dressing stays dry to the touch preventing maceration and surrounding skin problems.

  • Effective at reducing proteinases (MMPs).
  • Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing.
  • Works under pressure, with moderate compression.
  • It helps prevent maceration and surrounding skin problems.
  • Maintains integrity, even when fully soaked in exudates.
  • The heat sealed border prevents leakage from the dressing so that the patient remains clean and comfortable for a longer period and is also adhesive free.
  • Soft and non-woven material helps to provide improved comfort for the patient, along with excellent transpiration.