Kendall Shiley Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube, with TaperGuard Cuff, Size 4.0 (4.0PCF)
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Kendall Shiley Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube, with TaperGuard Cuff, Size 4.0 (4.0PCF)


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Product Description

Kendall Shiley™ Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube, with TaperGuard™ Cuff, ID 4.0 mm, OD 6.0 mm, Length 41 mm.

Shiley™ Neonatal and Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

Designed for the distinct anatomy of neonate and pediatric airways.

Shiley™ neonatal and pediatric tracheostomy solutions incorporate a wide range of simple and smart design advances to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and clinicians.

Our portfolio offers innovative cuffed and cuffless options, in a variety of sizes, with designs tailored to the needs of neonatal and pediatric patients.

These clinician-inspired solutions include:

  • Flange distinction for neonatal or pediatric patients
  • A unique pediatric cuff design
  • Comfort recess on the bottom of the connector to help reduce inferior stoma irritation
  • Transparent soft flange that supports patient comfort and visualization of the skin below
  • Softer material and expanded size options, compared to previous Shiley™ tracheostomy products

To help clinicians manage ventilator-dependent patients, the low-profile, low pressure TaperGuard™ cuff on the Shiley™ neonatal and pediatric tracheostomy tubes:

  • Reduces fluid leakage by an average of >94.8% at similar or lower intracuff pressure.1
  • Significantly improves management of airway leak at pressures below 25 cm H2O2
  • Reduces removal force by 58.3% compared to the previous barrel-shaped cuff — reducing the potential for stoma irritation or damage during removal.3

These products are manufactured with a non-DEHP plasticizer. This new material has been incorporated into the soft, transparent flange that allows for enhanced visualization of the underlying skin and stoma site.