Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear, 2XLarge (2608)
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Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear, 2XLarge (2608)

Principle Business Enterprises

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Product Description

Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear, 2XLarge, 19oz/562mL.

Product Style: Disposable Pull-On Underwear
Urine/Fecal Needs: Urine and Fecal

Highly absorbent underwear with breathable sides and full-rise waist panel for a comfortable, secure fit. Ideal for active individuals and promoting self-toileting.

Information by size:

  • YOUTH (15"-25")
  • X-SMALL (17"-28")
  • SMALL (22"-36")
  • MEDIUM (34"-48")
  • LARGE (44"-54")
  • X-LARGE (48"-66")
  • 2X-LARGE (62"-80")

Soft, cloth-like outer fabric, breathable sides and ample, full-rise waist panel provide a more comfortable feel. Easy to pull up and down — just like normal underwear. The compact absorbent core is shaped for a better fit and has excellent absorbency. Kufguards®, inner leg cuffs, provide leakage and bowel containment. Imprinted with size identification and the words "FRONT" and BACK". Blue waist elastics indicate back of underwear. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal. Available in seven sizes. Latex-free.

PMG – Peach Mat Guarantee®

The promise of unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of skin dryness, odor reduction, urine pH neutralization and inhibition of bacterial growth.

  • BR – Breathable: Allows air to circulate around the body, promoting skin integrity.
  • KG – Kufguards®: Inner leg cuffs channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high volume episodes.
  • CL – Cloth-Like Backsheet: Product outer layer is soft and rustle free.
  • LF – Latex-Free