Tranquility Brief Hi-Rise Bariatric, 3XLarge (2192)
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Tranquility Brief Hi-Rise Bariatric, 3XLarge (2192)

Principle Business Enterprises

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Product Description

Tranquility® Brief Hi-Rise Bariatric, 3XLarge, 34oz/1005mL.

Full-fit brief with higher coverage in the front and back for a secure fit. Fits up to 96" waist. Breathable, stretchy side panels.

Information by size:

  • 3X-LARGE (64"-96")

This disposable brief features an extended waist rise and breathable, stretchy side panels, that comfortably fit waist/hip sizes 64? to 96?. The fuller and higher coverage in the front and rear of the product assures a better fit. The soft, cloth-like outer layer is gentle against sensitive skin with wide, micro-hook closure tabs to grip the brief securely while still allowing for multiple openings. The peach absorbent core minimizes odor and holds over one quart of fluid for maximum protection. The brief features include KufguardsÒ (inner leg cuffs) which provide leakage/bowel containment, a dual wetness indicator and elastic leg gathers to provide a comfortable fit. Latex-free.

PMG – Peach Mat Guarantee®

The promise of unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of skin dryness, odor reduction, urine pH neutralization and inhibition of bacterial growth.

  • BR – Breathable: Allows air to circulate around the body, promoting skin integrity.
  • KG – Kufguards®: Inner leg cuffs channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high volume episodes.
  • CL – Cloth-Like Backsheet: Product outer layer is soft and rustle free.
  • MH – Micro-Hook Closure Tabs: Refastenable tabs grip the soft, cloth-like outer layer to securely fasten the brief.
  • WI – Wetness Indicator: Yellow indicator lines turn to blue when moisture is present eliminating unnecessary changes.
  • LF – Latex-Free