Tranquility ThinLiner Moisture Management Sheet, 6" x 10" (3190)
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Tranquility ThinLiner Moisture Management Sheet, 6" x 10" (3190)

Principle Business Enterprises

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Product Description

Tranquility ThinLiner Moisture Management® Sheet, 6" x 10", 6oz/177mL.

100% breathable, soft clothlike sheets reduce skin-on skin friction. Collects, absorbs and retains moisture.

Product Features:

Tranquility® ThinLiner Moisture Management® Sheets are 100% breathable, clothlike sheets that reduce skin-on-skin friction. Ideal for tucking, folding or wrapping in or around fingers, toes, skin folds, groin area, under breasts or where moisture is present. Ultra-thin sheets wick moisture away from the skin and lock it into the absorbent core. ThinLiners absorb equally from both sides and reduce odor by inhibiting bacteria growth. ThinLiners create a dry environment that can prevent significant skin breakdown. Never cut the sheets. Latex-free. Nonsterile.

Model Number Size Size Dimensions Capacity – C.U.P.S. (oz.) Capacity (mL)
3190 6″ x 10″ Sheet Dimension: 6″ x 10″ 6 177
3191 6″ x 14″ Sheet Dimension: 6″ x 14″ 8.5 251
3092 20″ x 22″ Sheet Dimension: 20″ x 22″ 15 450