Adventure Easy Care Comprehensive First Aid Kit (0009-2999)
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Adventure Easy Care Comprehensive First Aid Kit (0009-2999)


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Product Description

Adventure® Easy Care Comprehensive First Aid Kit, 3in x 9.5in x 7in.

Easy Care Comprehensive first aid kit is packed into injury-specific pouches with included quick-reference instructions so that anyone can quickly and confidently provide first aid.

  • EZ Care First Aid System® supplies organized by type of injurysy instructions right on the pouch.
  • Foam molded case: Durable yet flexible soft molded case easy to pack in car, backpack or suitcase.
  • CPR breathing barrier, emergency blanket, red cross first aid guide: In addition to first aid supplies to treat bleeding, sprains, blisters, splinters, and stings, CPR and shock, it has supplies and instructions to treat shock and administer CPR during an emergency.
  • Easy Access Bandages® with easy open technology that offers fast and easy application and less contamination risk.
  • After Burn® 2 oz tube: 2.5% lidocaine analgesic that stops the pain of minor burns.
  • For cuts and scrapes: One medicated spray, two butterfly wound closure, one fabric elbow/knee adhesive bandage, four knuckle fabric Easy Access Bandages®, four fingertip fabric Easy Access Bandages®, ten 1in x 3in fabric Easy Access Bandages®, ten 1in x 3in plastic Easy Access Bandages®, ten 3/4in x 3in plastic Easy Access Bandages®, ten 3/8in x 11/2in plastic Easy Access Bandages®, four 7/8in x 7/8in plastic adhesive spot bandage.
  • For blisters, splinters and stings: Three After Bite® insect sting and itch relief wipe, two GlacierGel™ blister and burn dressing, one 2in x 4in moleskin blister pad, one tweezers, one 1/2in x 10yd first aid tape, two antihistamine, ten cotton-tipped applicator.
  • For bleeding, wounds and burns: One 2 oz AfterBurn® gel, 5in x 9in combine pad, four 4in x 4in sterile gauze dressing, four 3in x 3in sterile gauze dressing, two 2in x 3in non-adherent pad, one 2in x 4.1yd conforming gauze bandage, two medical grade gloves.
  • For sprains and strains: One triangular bandage, one 2in elastic bandage, one instant cold compress, two wooden finger splint, three assorted safety pins, four 200mg ibuprofen, four 325mg aspirin, four 500mg non-aspirin.
  • For CPR and shock: One CPR breathing barrier, one emergency reflective blanket, one emergency first aid guide, one EMT shears.

WARNING! Cancer and Reproductive Harm.