Replacement Brake Assembly for Lumex RJ4302 Rollator (RJ4300-MBK)
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Replacement Brake Assembly for Lumex RJ4302 Rollator (RJ4300-MBK)


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Product Description

Replacement Brake Assembly for the following Lumex rollator models:

The brake assembly includes the brake with cable. Will work for the left or right side.

  • Walkabout Lite Four-Wheel Rollator RJ4300AQ, RJ4300B, RJ4300CH, RJ4300G, RJ4300K, RJ4300L, RJ4300P and RJ4300R;
  • Walkabout Four-Wheel Hemi Rollator RJ4302R, RJ4302B and RJ4302K;
  • Walkabout Wide Four-Wheel Rollator RJ4318AQ, RJ4318B, RJ4318K and RJ4318R;
  • Walkabout Four-Wheel Imperial Rollator - Straight Back Bar RJ4400R and RJ4400K;
  • Lumex Walkabout Imperial Hemi Bariatric Four-Wheel Rollator RJ4402R;
  • Walkabout Four-Wheel Imperial Rollator - Contoured Back Bar RJ4405B, RJ4405K and RJ4405R;
  • Walkabout Four-Wheel Contour Deluxe Rollator RJ4805B, RJ4805CH, RJ4805K, RJ4805L, RJ4805R and RJ4805P