Bard Van Buren Curve Catheter Stylet 6Fr (004026)
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Bard Van Buren Curve Catheter Stylet 6Fr (004026)


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Product Description

Bard Catheter Stylet Van Buren Curve 6Fr.

Foley Catheter Accessories

Bard offers a variety of Foley catheter accessories including stylets catheter plugs clamps and drainage tubing.

BARD® Stylets
Designed to assist in the insertion of catheters and drains when indicated. They are constructed of 303 stainless steel and feature a locking handle that holds the catheter taut during insertion.

BARD® Penile Clamps
These clamps are constructed of stainless steel and designed for use during catheterization procedures.

BARD® Catheter Plug and Cap
Used for occluding the drainage lumen on Foley catheters. Individually packaged in peel-back wrapping for "no-touch" technique.

BARD® Large Nylon Catheter Plugs
Used for occluding the drainage lumen of urethral catheters and other tubes and drains.

BARD® Small Nylon Catheter Plugs
Used for occluding the irrigation lumen of 3-way Foley catheters.

BARD® C Clamp
Thumbscrew clamp for occluding tubes drains and the balloon inflation funnel on Foley catheters.

BARD® Catheter Leg Strap
Secures an indwelling Foley catheter to patient's upper thigh without tourniquet action - eliminating the need for tape. This is a washable adjustable durable strap made of soft resilient foam with a Velcro™ closure.

Urinary Drainage Tubing
Used to extend the length of BARD® drainage systems. The tubing is 48 inches long and includes a connector on each end.