Grafco Plungerless Syringes, 4 oz. (3479)
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Grafco Plungerless Syringes, 4 oz. (3479)


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Product Description

The Grafco Plungerless Catheter Syringe is a dependable rubber bulb syringe that allows maximum control when drawing or expelling fluids in a variety of operations. The Catheter Syringes are constructed of heavy-walled resistance flint glass, perfectly retempered and strain-free with a catheter point.

The rubber-compound bulb of the Grafco Plugerless Irrigation Syringe is specially constructed so liquids cannot enter. The glass syringe can be sterilized repeatedly without fear of breakage. Sold individually boxed, the Grafco Bulb Syringe is ideal for home and hospital use alike.

  • Heavy walled flint glass
  • Glass is tempered and strain-free
  • Rubber-compound leak-proof bulb
  • Individually boxed

Description: 4 oz.

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