Lumex Universal Handheld Shower Head Holder, White (12040-HLDR-1)
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Lumex Universal Handheld Shower Head Holder, White (12040-HLDR-1)


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Product Description

Designed to fIt most about any hand held shower head and allows you to mount it without tools where It's handy, within reach, and angled to your needs.


  • Universal Fit: Fits any handheld showerhead
  • Angle-Adjustable: Keeps your handheld showerhead handy, perfectly angled and within easy reach
  • Drill-free Mounting option: Suction cup mounting allows you to instantly install on almost any surface without requiring tools
  • Dual Mounting: Superior Suction power on smooth polished surfaces or Screw-In Holder for mounting on textured surfaces
  • Strong Construction: ABS white plastic
  • Attractive Retail Package

Color: White

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